Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav & Stuff

Yesterday was interesting to say the least. As Hurricane Gustav loomed close to the Gulf of Mexico I was worried that it might move a little closer to the east than it did. But we were spared yet again by a monster of a storm. As usual, I grabbed my Kodak camera and went to the window to capture the first in a series of feeder bands that made their way into the Keys. I was a little worried later on in the day because these fast moving bands were producing fast-moving waterspouts than would could come on land as tornadoes. We were fortunate this time that not much occurred other than 50mph wind gusts and scattered bouts of heavy rain. All in all we dodged another one.... (Thank you Sister Louise Gabriel - bless you for creating a grotto to the Blessed Mother to protect our island)

I did make CNN this time though!!! I got a call about the video clip I took yesterday as well as the photo below that I had submitted. They wanted as much info about each submission as I could give them. Pretty cool, huh? :) Here are screen shots below and also the link , to the site where my submissions are.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A "Little Princess" is on her way!

I was so overjoyed to get a call yesterday from Amber! It's always so nice talking to her, but Friday was an extra special day!! She had called to let us know she couldn't wait another three weeks - that she just HAD to sneak in to her OB/GYN's office and try to get another ultrasound of the baby. This time the " lil' booger" , as she call it cooperated. Seems our little heaven-sent bundle is a GIRL !! She was after all, being modest and very lady-like at her Mommy's last visit. This Little Angel still has several months until her grand entrance to the world but she has already touched and tugged at all of our heart strings. I am really looking forward to going out and buying frilly girly things.....ribbons & bows and lollipops and lace! Oh how wonderful I imagine grandparenthood will be!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I've known these Ladies above, all of my life!! We made it !!! The BIG "50" !! From our convent school days - elementary through high school. We have shared it all....memories from childhood through adulthood. And here we are at the crossroads of our lives. Making our mark in the community in which we were raised. Relationships such as these are a treasure to be cherished. Friendships created in God's love and it is through our love and faith and trust in the Lord that we are able to conquer what obstacles have been placed before us. We have been there for each other in good times and bad, through marriages and divorce and births and deaths. But one thing is true..... I know I can trust in these amazing women and love them as sisters. In a few short weeks we will set sail on a weekend of good ole' fashioned "girl time". Just us girls....cruising the high seas.....girls just gotta have fun!!

A Gift From Heaven

Finding out we were going to be grandparents for the first time, and on my 50th Birthday ........ was the most fulfilling and amazing joy anyone could ever experience! It was a special moment, and the manner in which my son and his wife broke the news to us is something out of a movie!! My husband was so overcome that it still makes me tear up when I think of it. I am still floating on cloud nine :)

Our children mean the world to me and have brought complete joy to our lives for the past 27 years. No parent could ask for better than the memories and experiences we have shared with our daughter and son. They were your typical kids growing up.... were involved in as many activities as they could possibly do such as, Girl Scouts, city league cheerleading, little league football and baseball just to name a few! We enjoyed family trips to Disney World as well as visits to their grandparents home nearby. We have always been by their side through thick and thin. Through the highs of great academic achievements and the lows of not making a certain team or group.

Our son and daughter-in-law Amber, have been trying to conceive for some time now, and have now been blessed from Heaven above! They are expecting their "little peanut" to make his/her entrance into the world around mid-February. I pray that my son and his wife will find parenthood as rewarding and full-filling as he was in the second chapter in the lives of my husband and I. The next chapter we embark on - Grandparenthood - is the chapter which we are eager to begin!
Our prayers are that our grandchild be a happy, healthy little addition to our son's family and may he and his wife enjoy each memory filled day of their childrens' lives as much as we did.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bear with me as I venture into unknown waters! I'm more of a lurker and occassional poster than I am an actual Blogger! I was truly inspired to take up writing and sharing my photos by recent visits I made to the blog page of Jeremy Hall. He is an amazing photographer, and his ability to bring an image to life with a simple click is what led me to pick up my camera again and not just use it to capture photos of the Osmonds - my life-long favorite group.

What has really amazed me is that I am becoming more and more comfortable behind the lense and thrilled at some of the images I've snapped around town. I hope this will be a new journey in my life. Quite a few of my friends have always had confidence in my photo taking and have also encouraged me to pursue my passion. Let's see where this will all take me.

The photograph above was taken yesterday. Tropical Storm Fay had visited Key West in a less dramatic fashion than the forecasters had predicted. After a nearly two hour pounding by wind and rain I emerged from my home to the delight of one of God's amazing gifts. Another breath-taking sunset on the Key West horizon. I made sure not to waste any time capturing the vibrant colors of the sky! I was also couragous enough to submit it to for viewers of CNN who have photos to share. Although my snapshot wasn't chosen to air on a broadcast, I will always remember to carry my camera with me for anything news-worthy I might come across.
Thanks for stopping by my page for my first-ever blog! I hope to add my photos from time to time and welcome your comments as well!