Thursday, February 19, 2009

She's here!

Our Angel has's a very special story in our lives and one we will enjoy reliving over and over again! We set out on February 6th from Key West - hoping to arrive in time. The odds were against us, mostly because "murphy's law" was in full effect. Curtis and I both came down with really bad colds and on the morning we were to leave he decided to make a visit to the clinic. It put us at least 2 hrs shy of our goal arrival at our mid-way point that night and the timing didn't seem like it would work out. But on February 7th, as we were just outside of Baton Rouge we get a call from our son Ricky that Amber is beginning the final stages of labor/delivery. I asked if I could stay on the phone to listen in on the delivery so that we could hear Abigail's first cry. As I listen to all the hustle and bustle of the delivery room tears are streaming down my face. I couldn't help it....thinking that my baby boy would become a father any moment and we were there, via technology once again....but physically about 45 minutes or so from the hospital. As the excitement was building and Gram Cindy would ask how close we were...we could tell the happy event would be happening at any moment. Then at nearly 4pm CST. it wasn't the cries of Abigail I heard - but the cries of Amber's mom, Cindy. We were just pulling into the hospital parking lot and rushed upstairs to her room. There we were greeted by Amber's dad Jack who pulled back the screen to reveal our son standing over the scale and his daughter had a tight grip on his finger. At that moment......I was overcome with an unimaginable joy and peace that I still feel today. I hope and pray that God will continue to bless Abigail, her mom and dad and all of her extending family. This is the moment we all live for! I feel truly blessed.