Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I could get used to this !

I wanted to share with you a collage I created of some of my favorite images of Abby. These were taken at the Martello Towers @ Higgs Beach. The first one created, untouched and done on a lavender background and the other in sepia tone.

As I said before, I was really pleased with the sepia color I used to give a more nostalgic appearance to the collage. There is something really innocent about displaying in a simple tone. I hope to find my unique niche in the future and become more relaxed behind the lens." I really could get used to this ! " 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Abby finally visits Key West

More than any other year since Ricky got married and moved I was so eager for this Thanksgiving to arrive! I found myself constantly referring to so many "moments" this year being a FIRST. We were finally grandparents! It was the "first" time we celebrated grandparents day, but more importantly Thanksgiving and Christmas were going to be Abby's "first" too. Amber and I had been emailing each other alot and we'd made plans to do family pictures at the beach - for Christmas cards but more so just because I love doing annual family pictures. This year especially was no exception! I was beyond pleased with our "family" photo but better still I was so thrilled at just how comfortable Abby continues to be in front of the camera - "Lela's camera" !! I want to share not only the family pictures but some of the most adorable ones of Abby. I tried color versions and black and white to see if it changed the mood of the snapshot I captured. Deep down I really think this could eventually be more than just a hobby but a life long dream come to fruition. Thank you for dropping by ...feel free to leave a comment or critique of my photos. As I bring this post to a close I realized that in just a little less than 60 days my sweet angel will be celebrating her first birthday. Here's wishing you a blessed holiday and healthy and prosperous new year! Stay Safe !!!

Our 2009 Key West Family Photos

November came upon us before I could literally catch my breath. I never seem to have enough hours in the day even when we've changed the clocks back an see - each year at this time, in my job as an employee benefits clerk, I devote a fast-paced 3 weeks to visiting school sites from Key West to Key Largo and other cities in between on a daily basis to help those wanting to make changes to their health benefits. Those drives up to Key Largo , while making for a long work day - turn out to be some of the most beautiful times to drive "the Keys". I have seen some amazing sunrises and equally breath-taking sunsets on the drive back home that same night. I seem to forget to bring along my camera until I take that moment to realize the rich colors of the sky on that given day I'm on the road. Paradise IS after all famous for brilliant displays of vibrant colors at this time of year (note to self:Always keep your camera close).