Sunday, October 30, 2011

Emotional Moments

Journaling seems to not be my best task. But in my own defense, I tend to savor my weekends and just seem to not be able to collect my thought long enough to hit the keyboard and share my day to day (or even month to month for that matter) happenings. The last I had entered in this blog was from a wonderful trip we made to visit family in Orlando and then off to Tampa to see the Osmonds perform as well as met up with family/close friends that live in the Tampa area as well. So much has happened in our lives since that time.

My mother-in-law "Cookie" had a very successful heart value replacement surgery in Orlando and came back home and back to her routine in no time at all. This was the year of my 35th class reunion - and as I have always done in the past - planned & hosted a nice weekend event for an intimate group of classmates that were able to be here. We were also waiting with great anticipation, the birth of our second grandchild - who was due to arrive at the end of September.

Life though doesn't always work the way expect that it will. Within a few short months of returning home, I hosted a wonderful party weekend for my childhood friends whom I graduated with. Here is a photo publication that was featured in the local photo magazine called "Conch Color".

No sooner had we caught our breath from that exciting weekend we were faced with Curtis' mom going into the hospital for a simple intestinal surgical procedure. This was early July and as she faced several setbacks and complications, in the end 8 weeks later she lost her battle from complications due to the surgery. We still feel the void her presence was a constant and the daily calls or meals she prepared for Curtis at lunchtime are missed deep to the core of our hearts. She left her earthly home in late August 2011.

Not more than 8 days later on the very day we were cleaning and clearing Cookie's belonging out of her apartment - I got the most unimaginable text. It was from Amber....yes our daughter-in-law. She said she had been feeling discomfort, her mom took her to the hospital and as they monitored her , she soon found herself going into labor!!! THREE WEEKS EARLY LOL!! By that afternoon our newest angel came into the world!
Weighing in at only a mere 6 lbs. 7 oz. , a healthy happy baby girl named Emma Lynn Roberts.