Friday, March 18, 2011

little moments, here and there ......

So much is going on lately that I can hardly keep up LOL! This time of year I am usually busy with alumni banquet planning for my alma mater. I've been on the Convent Alumni Committee for over 10 years and it's an annual event that I always look forward to. Getting together with my childhood friends, classmates and fellow committee members somehow keeps me youthful and spirited. This year's banquet date went through some changes, but we're finally on track with it and look forward to a weekend of fun on April 16th.

Barely able to catch my breath, I am also balancing some packing to move yet again! Yes...we've found a quaint little mobile home park just outside of town which will be perfect for us. It's spacious, and on the water with a spectacular nightly view of sunset. We are so looking forward to those nights when we can unwind out on the back patio listening to the water beating on the rocks, and the seagulls calling out to each other at days end. But, in the meantime I am buried by boxes and chaos in 2 locations. Oh well! The end result with be so worth it !!!

Curtis and I made plans to visit his mom in Clermont who is recovering amazingly well from heart surgery. In addition to travelling to see her, we decided to take a trip to Tampa and get together with several classmates and dear friends who live it that area.

We had the most memorable evening together laugh, crying (I was the only one who did that!) and just enjoying each others company. It had been anywhere from just a few years to almost a lifetime since I had seen some of them.

In addition to that little mini-reunion, Curtis and I managed to get passes to Busch Gardens and enjoy ourselves. We hadn't been there together since our kids were very small so it was nice to go back. While we were there, we took in performances by The Osmond Brothers! For the past 10 years or so I have travelled with my "Chickie" friends to see the Brothers but this time was so special because I was sharing it with the love of my life! I remember glancing over at him during certain songs that the Brothers sang and remembering those songs that filled our lives during our courtship. It made experiencing these shows just a bit more magical and it was wonderful.

In addition to the shows we also attended a Q&A and book signing at Barnes & Noble in Tampa. Jay & Wayne Osmond were there to talk about their books and chat with fans. Sharing this experience with Curtis as well was another precious moment in my life and I just love my sweetie to pieces for being a good sport and being there with me through it all. Now we have our own memories to share of a Brothers' event and concerts.

As if all of this seems to be enough, I am also planning our late Spring trip to Louisiana to visit our little growing family. We are looking forward to seeing Abby and her parents as well as her other set of grandparents - Cindy and Jack! Abby, at 2 years old is growing so fast and making great strides in speech and other milestones that a toddler of her age is expected to achieve. We can't wait to share "precious moments" to come!! We promise to sharing photos of that trip as well !!