Saturday, February 5, 2011

Abby....celebrating her 2nd Birthday

Amber & Ricky posted this image from Abby's birthday party! It's so amazing to realize just how many "precious moments" in my life have included in person or online photos,chats, or Louisiana & Key West visits with my adorable granddaughter in the past 2 years and how quick the time has flown by. I love her with all my heart and hope she has a wonderful day with family & friends at her "dora the explorer" party!

And so another year has passed by...oh the moments!

I really need to improve my blogging skills!! I have been to this site so often over the last year, but never seem to make a point to jot down my thoughts. I only blame myself for not taking the time to truly share my feelings....I mean, geesh - 13 months and 1 day since I last posted?? Really?? That has got to change - and maybe now it will !!

About 2 1/2 weeks ago my sweet, creative daughter-in-law let me know we were going to be grandparents again!! The first time - she shared it with us was her sonogram wrapped in a precious birthday box for my 50th birthday! This time however, Amber let me know via "text message" with the image of her pregnancy test!I was picking up coffee on my way to work and froze in my tracks LOL!

Baby #2 will arrive around September 29th, and we hope to be there in time for the birth (only 2 days shy of my Mom's 74th birthday!)......oh what an exciting year 2011 will be and we're so looking forward to counting down the months and days until this event!

In the meantime.....I hope to make a concisous effort to put my thoughts down as often as possible. Thanks again for taking the time to ready my entries !!! Please leave me comments and let me know you were here :)