Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where has the year gone?

I just happened to be scrolling down my "favorites" this morning and happened on the link to my BLOG. So much has gone on this year for us and I am amazed that I hadn't collapsed with exhaustion yet. I noticed I hadn't posted at all in 7 months and have no real excuse for it! Amber has been wonderful keeping us updated on Abby's growth and I have to say she spoils me with videos and pictures more often than I would have ever imagined.

One of the most recent photos I laid my eyes on left me speechless! I couldn't believe my eyes, when I opened the email from Amber . She and Ricky had gone out of town to a family wedding and Abby had accompanied them. All of a sudden I clicked on the attachments and I saw this little cherub smiling back at me in the prettiest pink and white polka dot dress I had ever seen. And if that wasn't girlie enough, she was also fitted with the sweetest crocheted headband that completed the outfit. I can bet you any amount of money that her "Gram & Paw-Paw" were the proudest grandparents at the reception!

Another photo was taken when they decided to have their first family portrait done. You could easily see that Abby was going to naturally love the camera. It's a good thing too...since her grandmother is a camera-nut LOL ! This one done in June 2009 is one of my favorites and Abby was about 4 months old. She sure does love to talk to the camera with her eyes !!

In the 10 months since we returned to being "renters" we've already moved a second time! While I loved the spaciousness of the last location, it was putting a strain on our finances. We happened upon this cozy little secluded townhouse complex, which is near the middle of a busy cross-section of town, quite by accident.

You know what they say...."The Lord works in mysterious ways" ! We've seemed to have settled in here quite nicely, even though I have to admit I have yet to take the time to finish down-sizing alot of "junk" that I've accumulated over the years. All in all I have no regrets for what has happened. God doesn't give us any more than he thinks we can handle, and I feel that I've "passed" this test he has put in my path so far. If it were not for my family and the encouragement or advice of friends, I don't know how I could have made it through it all.
Until next time..........

Abby's first Studio portrait ....June 2009